Extinct Entities


Brandon Alvendia, Josh Rios, and Anthony Romero open the Extinct Entities Performance Festival with a multidimensional reading/performance and publication launch.

"...[T]he dematerialized and abstract scanning act is rematerialized and recentered; it is an action, a technique, requiring an actor and motion. Collecting and the collection are invoked as both productive and pathological. The broken text becomes the new textile; the lines held in place by way of copying, mixing, and recopying. Degradation. A path is cleared. A life is defined by the biographical essay, as well as the number and kinds of tuna cans emptied. Should everything last forever? No longer a static set of documents, the archive becomes a zone of interaction and interlocution..."

Untitled: MacBooks, vintage guitar amplifier, scanner, copier, shredder, unshielded instrument cables, electromagnetic pickups, contact microphones, vintage file cabinet, overdrive and delay pedals, white cylinder waste paper basket, vocal microphone, mic stand, prepared texts, appropriated texts, table mic stand, LCD projector, pizza box, color facsimiles of Links Halls ephemera, edition of 25 untitled publications, and ladder.